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Testimonials The Candida NP- Cure Lotus Helsecenter
v/Niels Poulsen


Below is a selection of testimonials desribing the course of treatment for some of my patients.

The statements are all impartial.

  • Irene Klitgaard
  • Jytte Nielsen
  • Minna Thomsen
  • Joan Pehrsson
  • Winnie Larsson
  • Aase Petersen
  • Svend Aage Nielsen



Irene Klitgaard

October 20th 1999

I began treatment at Niels Poulsen`s clinic on April 27th 1999, 37 years old. I contacted him because I had tried everything to lose weight but nothing had ever worked.

I was put on at VERY tough diet, the “stone-age” diet, which really was very tough because I felt that I was hardly allowed to eat anything. But something finally began to happen and I lost weight slowly but surely.
While losing weight, I also began to feel better in many other ways. I had previously seen my doctor about various maladies, only to be told that it was psycho somatic. I actually believed this explanation, as I have been a single mother and always been living alone with my son who was also ill quite often. I was also rather depressed about suddenly gaining so much weight (20 kg) without being excessive about food.

When I began the Niels Poulsen cure, I did not realise that all the maladies I suffered had to do with Candida, until one disability after the other disappeared.

Suddenly, due to the LBS tablets, I could go to the toilet every day, where before, 4-5 days would pass between each visit to the toilet.

My very severe headaches and sleeplessness disappeared as well as swellings in various places, itches and heartburn. A scab at the anus that I had been treated for by my doctor for years with no result also disappeared.

Last, but not least, I`m now in much better spirits.

Kind regards
Irene Klitgaard

Jytte Nielsen

The Candida cure – a personal account.

After having been on the Candida cure for 4 months, I now feel a major improvement. It is a wonderful feeling, like finally coming home.

The past five years have been a period with many symptoms, both physical and mental.

The physical symptoms were the reason I consulted Niels Poulsen. At that stage, I had already seen a number of alternative doctors and even been through a Candida cure wthout feeling any better for it.

I was advised to consult Niels Poulsen because he is renowned for his ability to measure the level of Candida in the body and cure it. So I was aware that a tough period on a strict diet would be ahead of me.

In the beginning of the Candida cure I even felt worse for it. However, I had been warned about this – you needed to clean out before you could proceed with the reconstitution of the body.

It was during the cleaning out stage that I began to realise that it was not just the body that got cleaned out but also the mind. This mental clean out also turned out to be the more important aspect to me. I had to work through old complexes from when I was younger. They just appeared and I had to deal with it. I had to change my attitude to many things, such as work, my social and my emotional life.

I became aware of my inhibitions. I had, for example, no sexual feelings and had previously seen a doctor, because I was conviced that I had reached menopause. He prescribed some hormones, which I really hoped would help me, as my homonal system was completely disfunctional at the time. But I only felt worse for it. Candida must have been spreading and I also began to suffer the side effects, such as gaining weight, swellings, breast tensions and a feeling of not being present. I felt hardly anything about anything or anybody. After my first appointment with Niels Poulsen, I stopped taking the hormone pills – they had been like poison to my body.

Now after 4 months, I realise that I was also suffering from depression. I was about to give up my marriage and work was exhausting and without joy. I was only looking for an oportunity to hand in my notice and figure out what to do instead, My only problem was that I could not figure out what I wanted to do instead. I did not have the energy to do anything.

As the cure progressed, I began to see things more clearly. Gradually, I became happier and I also began to appreciate the food I was eating as part of the diet. It was a pleasure to eat pure, fresh and organic foods.

As I worked through the old mental complexes, I felt “cleaner” in the mind. The process was not very dramatic at all, I just got more courage to tell people if I got hurt about something and generally better at expressing my feelings in different situations. I was stronger and felt an inner calm after having talked about my emotions.

I realise now that I must never again pollute my body with junk food. What we eat has a vital impact on the mind. There must be, as Niels Poulsen states, a chemical balance, otherwise things go wrong. I am now very much aware of buying good ingredients. I need very little meat now and I have also taken up experimenting with my cooking. It is a lot of fun to make up your own recipes. But I am not in any way fanatic about food, like I was at the beginning of the cure towards my family. But they can see the change in me and accept it.

About 3 months after I began the cure, a wonderful thing happened when my husband suggested that we bought another house, where I can find more room to perform my sideline. I am really looking forward to that. At work I was offered a position with more responsibility, where I am to work in a very focused way on implementing a pedagogical system, which I have been developing over the past 2 years.

In addition, I took up belly dancing and did a beginners course on chai-tchi.

These systems of movement placed more focus on my need and I am very happy with both. They contributed to the further cleaning out process and reconstitution.

On top of it all, I am now doing a course on healing, which I have always dreamt about doing. My interest in spiritual matters began at a time before and during the Candida cure, when I felt the worst. Never before did I feel a lack of a spiritual dimension in my life, but during the cure I became convinced about the importance of being able to help people, including myself.

Kind regards
Jytte Nielsen

Minna Thomsen

For many years I have been doing yoga during the winter but last year I suddenly had problems when doing exercises that involved lying on the knees. I also began to lose strength in the hands. The bursa behind the knees and in the wrists were swollen. I felt the symptoms when carrying shopping up the third floor where I live and when making bread. I used to be able to pour the dough straigt into the bread tins, now I had to spoon it in, as I could no longer lift up the pot of dough.

The doctor referred me to a specialist who thought that it was the early stage of osteoarthritis. But since I had no chronic pains he could not do anything for me.
During spring 1998 it got worse and I began to suffer pains in the knee. I tried to protect the knee from any strain and consequently put weight on as I did very little exercise. This only resulted in a worsening of my situation even more pains.

My husband and I began to debate whether to move away from our lovely flat on the third floor (no elevator) and find something more comfortable to live in.

In June I saw my doctor again and he offered me a course of arthritis medication and an operation to remove the bursa if they caused too much trouble. I do not like taking the arthritis medication. It may reduce the pain, but there are many side effects, so an operation seemed the way out.

One evening, my sister turned up with a video recorded from TV, which she thought I ought to see. It was about Niels Poulsen and the Lotus Clinic. And since I had to do something – anything – I contacted Niels Poulsen. He was sure he could help and put me straight on a stone age diet. I thought it could do no harm – the body might even benefit from cleaning out all the toxic substances.

In brief, the cure entailed a change of diet. On the first day I felt awful and was about to give up. But after having contacted Niels Poulsen, I decided to go through with it. Since then, I never felt any kind og discomfort – quite on the contrary !

Already after 1 week, my general wellbeing was improved and I was more energitic. After the first month, the pains in the knee disappeared and I had even lost 7 kg without doing anything but stick to the diet, which most certainly was not a starvation cure. My family is often astonished about the amount of vegetables I devour.

Now six months have passed and the cure is coming to its end.

The swelling of the bursa is now insignificantly small and I can now lift the pot of dough again. I can easily manage the stairs up to the 3rd floor – so we do not have to move – and I feel generally very good. During the course I have lost 13 kg, which is a wonderful side effect. The weight-loss is of course, also very good for the joints and for my general wellbeing.

The cure is almost over, although for me, it is problably never going to be quite finished. My food habits have forever changed, because I feel good about them – I am, in fact, almost addicted.

Kind regards
Minna Thomsen

Joan Persson

March 21th

On March 21st,1990, I contacted reflexologist Niels Poulsen in Ballerup after having been hospitalised at Herlev Hospital one night between the 20th and 21st of March. I was taken to hospital because of vomiting caused by severe pains in the liver, gall and kidney areas. The doctors thought that i suffered from some kind og poisoning by Escumycin – some medication I was given for cystitis (which I have never had before) on March the 19th – as I am allergic to penicillin and strong types of sulphur preparations.

Thursday 22nd of March

My first appointment with Niels Poulsen. I could only walk very slowly and I was not very well, when my husband accompanied med to N.P. By the time I left the clinic, I was able to walk almost as usual – free with hardly any trouble at all.

Tuesday 27th or March

My second appointment with N.P. The pains around the kidneys were back and he treated me for that. I also told him about how I, back in 1988, twisted my left foot quite badly and had to go to the emergency ward. Nothing was broken, but for the past two years I have had a lot of trouble with the leg. I have not been able to squat or lie on my knees without pains. At times it hurt so much I was limping around. My doctor, whom I saw a couple of times about it, said the leg pains derived from the back and advised me to do some exercises and go swimming. N.P. checked my leg and saw straight away how some severe trouble and soreness here had an impact on the zone that is connedted with the bladder. He then gave me treatment directly on the leg (ouch!).

Wednesday the 28th of March

The next day, I squatted down (without thinking about it) to comfort a child that couldn`t go to sleep. There was no discomfort or pain. This evening, while writing these pages I realise that I have my right leg resting on my left leg – and it does not hurt at all or even feel uncomfortable. It is just amazing. For 2 1/2 years my leg has caused me so much trouble, but after only a few visits to Niels Poulsen`s clinic there is such progress.

Kind regards
Joan Pehrsson

Winne Larsson

Start February 8th, 1999:
Candida 46, Parasites 32, L. Blood sugar 50, Catarrh 50

June 7th, 1999:
Candida 0, Parasites 0, L. Blood sugar 22, Catarrh 14

4 years ago I had my first stomach upset and was prescribed some strong medication for it. Six months later, I had another stomach upset during which my stomach inflated and got bigger and bigger. I gained a lot of weight and when, at Christmas 1998, I also became very short of breath, I realised that something was wrong. I did of course, see a doctor, but was told that it was probably a bit of menopause trouble. I told a friend about it and she said : “You should visit the Lotus Clinic because it sounds to me as if you have got candida”. I had never heard about that before, but I learned and got cured.

The first day was very tough and on the second day I had severe headaches. I took two Paracetamols, which did the trick and I have not had a headache since then. During the first week, I was extremely tired and slept as soon as my head touched the pillow. My sleep pattern has improved dramatically. It is wonderful to sleep through the night, when you have not been able to for 4 years, I am much more energetic and not so forgetful anymore. The only little hiccup was during the last part of the second month where I was a bit aggressive. That is over now. During the third month, I was suddenly not very enthusiastic about the cure anymore. We talked about it in the family, as it also affected them. We agreed that I should not give up now that I was feeling so much better. Today, when the candida is at 0, I am very happy about that. During the fourth month, I was allowed to eat lettuce. I enjoyed that a lot, but still prefer a diet of turkey, chicken or fish. I will stick with that in the future – particularly after this wedding we went to, where the main course was beef en croûte. It tasted very nice, but the following night was awful for me. So in the future, I will stay off beef and pork, which is not to my palate anyway. I still feel the catarrh, whenever I eat too fatty food. At home we stick to a low fat diet and so it gets rather bad if we are out for a meal and I have forgotten to take the Papaya Mint. I shall probably be needing those for a while yet.

At the bakers, Taffelbay, you can get black bread without wheat or yeast, which tastes better than Hedebageren`s – I thought other people might like to know.

Winnie Larsson – 56 years old.

Aase Petersen

Already at the age of 21, the doctor told me that I had chronic catarrh of the intestine.

23 years ago, I had a son who at 4 months old, got bronchitis. Every time he was ill I got a sore throat at the same time and both of us were prescribed penicillin – often twice in a month. This went on for almost three years. During that time I began to suffer digestion trouble and other health problems mounted up making me appear like a complete hypochondriac.

About seven years ago, I read about the candida fungus for the first time and all the symptoms I suffered were mentioned in the article. I began to take the natural remedies mentioned in the article, which did have a good effect, but never got rid of all the symptoms. After a while, the problems were back.

During the years 1994 – march 1999, my quality of life had been considerably reduced. I was constantly tired, lacked concentration, had number of other maladies.

In March 1999, I went to Niels Poulsen for help and he put me straight on to the “stone age” diet. After only four days, I had dropped 1,5 kg. On the fourth day, some friends complimented me for not looking so “swollen” anymore. I began to sleep better at night and was consequently not so tired during the day. I gradually became more energetic and after about 2 weeks I realised that headaches and sinusitis had disappeared along with the back pains.

I have, however, had several attacks of stomach catarrh, even now after three months of dieting, but the attacks are less severe and briefer. I have also felt depressed at times and eczema appears as small areas of rash on the skin. I keep a close watch on the rash without rubbing ointment on it, because I want to see how it develops as the cure progresses.

During the past five years, I have used some eye drops, as my doctor says that I am suffering chronic inflammation of the eyes. When I began the cure, I also stopped using the eye drops, because I wanted to see if the cure would heal the eyes. There has actually been quite an improvement here.

After having started the cure, I also realised how I have been hating myself for looking “swollen” and overweight (only about 5 kg). I had lost control with what I was eating. For the past 2 years I was constantly back and forth to fridge to find somthing sour or anything that I could get my hands on. I realised how guilty I felt about not being able to control my eating habits and actually would not allow myself to eat – not even sensible and healthy food.

The diet was not as awful as I had expected. I actually like eating this way, but admit that I have slipped once or twice with a cup of coffee and a glass og red wine. But I do actually like the type of food allowed on the diet and I think that I will continue to follw the principles of the cure, even after it is finished – only, I am looking forward to incorporating some fruit into my daily diet.

Aase Petersen

Svend Aage Nielsen

My positive experiences with Niels Poulsen and his treatment
My name is Svend Aage Nielsen. I am 56 Years old and was diagnosed with severe candida in 1997. I am uncertain about when and why I developed candida. In 1961, I contracted a serious disease, which required treatment with steroid and penicillin. This could be a contributing cause of my later candida problem.

At the age of 12, I began to suffer from grass pollen allergy, which throughout the years has developed into allergies of various foods. This culminated in 1996, where I could hardly eat anything without having allergic reactions.
I was constantly suffering from sinusitis and frontal sinusitis, headaches and constipation and had to use laxatives. In addition my power of concentration and energy level were strongly reduced.

During the year 1996, I had had 40 days off sick and felt generally quite awful, which also caused various mood swings. I was, in other words, a pain in the neck to myself and to my surroundings. Coincidentally, my wife watched a programme on TV with Niels poulsen, in which candida was mentioned. All the people who participated in the programme had been treated for candida. They had all had more or less the same type of symptoms that I suffered, and they had been cured.

Without my knowing, my wife contacted Niels Poulsen and made an appointment for me. As I have always been rather sceptical about alternative medicine, I did not want to go. But after some pressure from my wife and the rest of the family, I accepted one consultation.

At our first meeting I expressed my scepticism of alternative practitioners to Niels Poulsen. His reply was that the results usually proved the best way of convincing people and if I was not feeling any better after a short while, then he would not be able to help me. But if it turned out that candida was my problem and if I would follow his instructions, then he was sure he could help.

He did his test and found a high level of candida and a strongly reduced immune system.
I was recommended a “stone age” diet along with various herbal remedies and vitamins. After only a week, the micracle happened and I felt significantly better. I could sudenly breathe through the nose, sleep properly at night without gasping for air and felt refreshed in the morning. These improvements continued throughout the cure.
After 3 months, the candida had gone down to an acceptable level. My immune system was restored and I felt like a new person with a much better quality of life. I felt a new zest for life, which also rubbed off on my surroundigs.
Now 2 years have passed since my first visit to Niels Poulsen`s clinic. I continue to see him every 4th month to have the level of candida tested. I have succumbed to the fact that candida is something I have to live with. I eat and drink in sensible ways to keep candida at an acceptable level. In return, nearly all my allergies have dissapeared or become significantly reduced.

Since my first visit to Niels Poulsen`s clinic two years ago, I have only had 2 days of sick.
I have revalued my scepticism towards alternative practitioners and I owe many thanks to Niels Poulsen

Svend Aage Nielsen